To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Super Phone Interview Fun Fun


Today was... exciting, I think exciting is a nice way to put it without using any "sentence enhancers." The Ubisoft embargo lifted at 11 a.m. and there was a nary an asset to be seen. To make matters worse the hamsters that keep things chugging along all decided to keel over at the same time so all of those stories, all of that work, got temporarily lost in cyberspace as our techies hurried to the corner pet shop to upgrade from Chinese Dwarf Hamsters to Dwarf Hamsters. I better stop with the hamster analogy, Tristan's real hamster is giving me the stink eye. Anyway in the middle of all of this — stories vanishing, writers virtually running around like chickens with their virtual heads cut off, images and videos missing —- my nose starts to bleed... profusely. It was as if the Internet decided now would be a fantastic time to sucker punch me.

Yeah, today was a barrel of laughs. Tomorrow though, tomorrow should be much better. Mike McWhertor, who managed to escape the bedlam by claiming he had a "plane to catch", should be arriving in Vegas tonight in time for tomorrow's media storm by Capcom. I'm not totally clear yet on when the embargo lifts, but if it's not tomorrow, it should be soon after.


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