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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Camera Glitch Is Back As An Official Feature

Illustration for article titled iAnimal Crossing: New Horizons/i Camera Glitch Is Back As An Official Feature
Screenshot: Nintendo

Players can once again show off their islands in clutter-free videos thanks to a new feature that dropped in last night’s Animal Crossing update which makes it possible to turn off the game’s HUD while using the in-game camera.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ in-game camera makes it easy to automatically gets rid of these annoying UI elements when you snap pictures, but players who want to take live video using the camera features are normally stuck with them. For a time industrious players intent on showing off their island lifestyles in slick videos were able to use a glitch that would trick the game into removing the HUD while the camera was out, but then Nintendo patched out the workaround earlier this month in its big summer update.


It was a weird thing for the company to get rid of since the glitch didn’t seem to create any underlying issues and its removal ended up stymieing some of Animal Crossing’s most devoted players’ creative ambitions. But fortunately Nintendo has now brought it back in version 1.4 (which went live last night) as an official feature.

Now anytime players want to get rid of the annoying HUD while using the in-game camera all they have to do is click in the right Joy-Con thumbstick. It’s a small fix that nevertheless opens back up a lot of options for Animal Crossing content creators, and shows that Nintendo is listening to the game’s community as it continues to update the game.

Now if only there was a way to turn off those pesky visitor cutscenes.

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“It was a weird thing for the company to get rid of since the glitch didn’t seem to create any underlying issues”

That we know of. It might well be that this problem got fixed when they were fixing some other problem in the underlying code. Or they might have noticed a potential issue and decided it was better to just remove the glitch just in case it was discovered.

In any case, its nice to see that they added the feature back in. Next up: Crafting from house inventory?