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An Inconvenient Truth — '09 Holiday Releases are Endangered

Overfished waters? Melting polar ice? No, the hidden shame of our ecosystem is the virtual disappearance of 2009 holiday releases, Noted ecologists LoadingReadyRun have put together this documentary on the plight of a species no one's talking about.

Let's not spoil any of the punchlines, so, enjoy this and pay attention as you do so. Especially to the graph on the whiteboard. And that scientist, something tells me she gets corporate funding to say there's not a problem here. But any fool can see the crisis when BioShock 2, Red Dead Redemption and others are, quite visibly, driven out of their natural ecosystem.


Save Our Games [LoadingReadyRun]

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The Accurate reporting that COD4-2 was going to PREDATIZE Borderlands is very very Accurate.