After a Trying Week, Saboteur Goes Gold

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Pandemic Studios, scene of deep job losses and the effective closure of the studio earlier this week, pumped out one final piece of happy news - The Saboteur has gone to gold master - with an apropos and semi-ironic signoff.


Says Mathew Everett, the Pandemic Community Manager, in a message on Saturday afternoon:

I am very proud to communicate today that The Saboteur has officially gone "GOLD" on all 3 planned platforms (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC). This has been a very difficult week for Pandemic Studios, but does not change the fact that a team of amazing people worked very hard to make The Saboteur a great game that fans will be able to enjoy this holiday season. As planned, The Saboteur will be available across Europe starting December 4 and throughout North America on December 8. Vive La Resistance!


The Saboteur will be released Dec. 8.

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I'm sorry, but what exactly does it mean when a game goes gold? That it is 100% being made?