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Home Beta Gets Beards, Loses Voice With Latest Patch
Comment by: Aname
Nominated by: Gyaruson

So Home loses voice, gains ability to grow beard... Its balls have just dropped

Warning: Producer of Metal Gear Solid touch *is* Female
Comment by: svetlana
Nominated by: kylo4iskyle4


Why am I not surprised? Oh, because since coming here I've seen around 20 women grovel at the feet of their male overseers. And been spat on. That was yesterday. That was fun, let me tell you.

I don't see it being possible to come as a woman raised in more woman-friendly traditions (at least in law and theory) and not leave this place deeply embittered. Between having the office females dress up as sextoy elves for the Christmas party while the fully- and regularly-dressed males got to get drunk and watch, and listening to my formerly more-or-less decent human being colleagues collapse into sexist modes of speech and manner they would never have dared use at home, in English, it's kind of a grim place to be.

No doubt rabid apologists are heaping up in the comment section even as I type, and I normally would try and reign in the snideness for the sake of my blood pressure and civil discourse. But what's the use in discourse? Japan does not care what we think. Nor should it. Japan is Japan, and we don't have to like it. But I don't feel called upon to forgive it, the culture, the state of affairs, for producing ridiculous circumstances such as these. Not going to march or ring bells or sell dumb t-shirts or try and convert other females to my cause over it—I have no cause!—but not going to quiver in self-appointed Guardian of Japan fury either.

Jade Raymond doesn't matter. Gaming mags in Hong Kong, Pittsburgh or that rag you xeroxed 20 copies of at Kinko's when you were 14 don't matter. They referenced her by her sex. They should have referenced her by her damn name

PlayStation 3 Now A "Movie Downloading Machine"
Comment by: Witzbold
Nominated by:

Dear Sony,

More games less bullshit.

Wii Is A "Viable Platform" For Mature Games, Says Take-Two
Comment by: Komrade_Kayce
Nominated by: Neo Deus

Theres one teensy tiny problem with producing a mega smash M rated game on the Wii right now. Its not the horsepower. Its not the controls.

Its public perception.

Parents are buying this thing because, well, part of the reason is because they don't hear in the news about their kid, little timmy, being able to get his hands on any 'Grand Theft Autos' or somesuch.

Look at the retarded (mini)outcry when a third party gun peripheral was made way back, for chrissakes.

Im all for putting M rated games on the Wii, but I guarentee you any company looking at doing it is going to be news huge if their game gets successful. This aint your PS3/360 here, which are like wild west towns, or your PC, which is more akin to an anarchistic sex paradise island where anything and everything goes. This is the goddamn Wii. When parents buy it, they're expecting to be moving to cleantown USA.

Hell, they can track your gametime and everything on it.

Just try to imagine what would happen if Manhunt 2 were released today and it wasnt a pile of shit. What Fox News and Washinton Post and Daily Planet(?) stories would have been run about 'MURDER SIMULATOR ON THE WII?!?!? YOUR KIDS ARE PLAYING IT'.

The first very successful M rated game is going to be running a sharp sword.

Good luck to you, Madworld, btw. I hope you kick so much serious ass that you become that game. I cant wait to see the parental reaction if it becomes a hit.


And The Home Marketing Onslaught Begins...
Comment by: the-hypnotoad
Nominated by: EnigmaNemesis

Pfft. PS3 nubs getting advertising content for free. We pay for our advertising over in XBox land!


Brash Cuts Loose Nearly Completed SAW Game
Comment by: CitizenInsane27
Nominated by: kylo4iskyle4

"Do you want to play a game?"

"Too f*cking bad, we can't afford it!"

*tiny little doll on a bicycle rides through the room*

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Fully agree with svetlana. Oh well what can you expect being in a predominant male hobby with predominant male attitude, its bound to happen.

And like always, just ignore us, its better this way.