PlayStation 3 Now A "Movie Downloading Machine"

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Sony's moving on from marketing just its PlayStation 3 games library, kicking off a campaign to promote the console's movie download service. That's right, the PS3 is "not just for games anymore," according to Sony.


The attempt kicks off tonight during Monday Night Football, with a new commercial that aims to overcome the PlayStation 3's biggest obstacle to console dominance: girlfriends. What do you think? Is this merely an attempt to stave off the appeal of Netflix on the Xbox 360's New Xbox Experience or Sony simply getting around to letting people know about the VOD service it launched this year?

Either way, we'd think that the company still has some work to do on the game promotion side, something it works in perhaps too subtly in this spot.


PS3: Not Just For Games Anymore [ - thanks, Max!]

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Dear Sony,

More games less bullshit.