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Home Beta Gets Beards, Loses Voice With Latest Patch

Illustration for article titled Home Beta Gets Beards, Loses Voice With Latest Patch

Early this morning Home Beta version 1.04 hit, bringing with it some much needed beards. But it took away voice chat.


The main reason for the update, according to the official Playstation blog, is to "ease the difficulty some people are having accessing PlayStation Home due to the high demand for the service."

While they don't link the two, I assume that's why they removed voice chat. Of course it could also have something to do with all the sailor-talk going on when you run through the bowling alley on a typical night.


Sony says they will let people know when they resume the voice chat feature, but in the meantime gamers can still use text chat and private voice chat.

Now, about those beards, they better be a heck of a lot nicer than those crap mustaches you tried foisting on me last night.

Playstation Home System Maintenance [Playstation Blog]

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Honestly, I think it'd be a whole lot better without random voice chat anyway. Private voice chat should be the only voice chat.