Brash Cuts Loose Nearly Completed SAW Game

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Last month, Brash Entertainment laid off 20 workers and axed some projects, but pointedly remained committed to publishing a game based on the film SAW. Now that has been cut loose.


The blog Bloody Disgusting, quoting unidentified sources, says SAW is seeking a new home. The project was near completion and voiceover work had already begun.


Of course, this is similar to how Ghostbusters bounced about when Sierra bit the dust — movie IP, nearly finished game — and maybe that bodes well for SAW's survival. But they're also completely different films, with different fan bases, so who knows.

When last heard from, SAW was a third-person survival horror game, produced by David S. Cohen and powered by Unreal Engine 3. Decent credentials, so if you were at all curious about this game, there's a reasonable shot you could see it.

Exclusive Saw the Video Game Update [Bloody Disgusting, via Destructoid]

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All the SAW films were pretty awful, but in the "so-bad-it's-funny" sort of way. A friend and I have been plowing through the series now that we have Netflix, and it's kind of amusing to see how much intuition the victims lack, and how irrational they become in drastic situations.

Granted it's not realistic at all, but the premise behind intricate booby-traps designed around one's vices is a pretty intriguing (albeit morbid) concept.

I thought Cube did a pretty good job of setting up interesting trap-rooms, but the premise was a bit too ridiculous for me (oh, the irony).

This could possibly be the ONE exception to the rule where the video game tie-in for a film might end up being better than the game, simply because the source material is nothing to write home about. I'm willing to bet that even if the game turned out terrible, it'd be ten times better of a rental than the films.