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Concentration Camp Game Was Meant To Be 'Fun'
Comment by: LucasKane
Nominated by: ca$h


What the hell is up with Kotaku (and its readers) lately?

Here's a game that will inspire a kind of genuine emotional reaction, a game that puts you into a situation where your nameless enemy deserves killing, and it's some kind of travesty?

We have an industry that is in love with making games about a current world conflict. Where was there ever a problem with that on this site? I believe the general consensus on EA using the Taliban in MoH was "don't puss out," yet we can't have a Jew killing Nazis? That is the biggest load of shit I have heard in my entire life.

On one hand, you have a conflict that it's fair to say is ambiguous. People are driven to terrorism for many reasons, one of which is that they have no other choice due to environmental factors. They did make an attack on us, and we did have to act, but EA attempting to cash in on that is probably the lowest of the low. This is a conflict that has young people of our country and others currently dying, and they want to put that into their game? That's something that you point a finger and say "that's fucked up" to.

On the other hand, you have an act of pure evil. Rounding up a people due to their faith, and killing them. Now, there's no problem with depicting a ridiculous deathmatch version of our soldiers dying, which is happening right this second, but we can't have a Jewish person taking revenge against one of the most evil things of all time? That's absolutely ridiculous.

The creators of this mod are being positioned as doing something "bad" for wanting this to be fun, when, isn't that what video games are? I can't think of a lot of things more fun than turning the tables on the Nazis from the point of a Jew, and the imagery they've put into this game would only hammer the point home of just how much these bastards deserve it.

This past year in Kotaku has more or less proved to me that gamers are far and away from a group that is worthy of being considered a mature group, and I'm done with this site.

Who Wants Eight Inches Of Hot Vinyl Meat?
Comment by: dmcshinobi
Nominated by: Kotaku, the Gamer's Guide

I prefer when my eight inches of meat aren't covered in teeth.

Nintendo's Revised History Of Super Mario Bros.
Comment by: GunFlame: Digivolve into Wargunflamemon
Nominated by: D-K

Where do Goombas fit in?

Are they an indigenous tribe that has no links to either to Koopas or the Mushroom Kingdom folk?

Why are that so volatile, is it because a land that was once there own has now been taken over by two rival forces?

Think about it. Who are the Toads? If they are residents of the Mushroom Kingdom then why does Peach look like a normal person. Did Peach's father, the first to discover the Mushroom Kingdom breed Toads? Did he mix human DNA with Goomba DNA? Or did he do something much more perverse?

Why do we not see the King? Why is the Mushroom Kingdom structured like an insect colony. The genderless serving a single queen? Did Peach usurp the King and create this after taking advantages of the King's experiments?

Moving to the Koopas. Bowser is different, perhaps he isn't the 'King' but more a God or Deity of some kind. Perhaps the natives of the Kingdom were Goombas and Koopas and when the Goombas became tools for experimentation, the Koopas resorted to Black Magic in an attempt to summon there God: Bowser. Maybe it's something else....

Perhaps the Koopas were also experimented with, perhaps Bowser was the first. Orginally a normal Koopa that was fused with Human DNA that made him smarter and larger. He then inherited traits of humans and wanted to rid the Land of Princess Peach and her despicable Father. Maybe Bowser is actually the hero of the tail...

Where does Mario fit in. He just seems like some kind of variable. Perhaps he is like the 'Godzilla' of the story. No aim, no allies. He just wants to destroy. But as he is human, why does he not return to the real world. Luigi does, that would explain his absence from some of the titles. But why does Mario stay. What has he done. Looking at his mindless carnage and mass murdering of Mushroom Kingdom residents, one can only assume that he has a very, very dark past.

What a horrific game.

Smash Bros. Creator Tells Tales Of Game Development Hell
Comment by: Thoughtwanderer
Nominated by: StubbornScorpio


It makes sense that Melee was the hardest one to make. The Smash Brothers series is like building a house:

Smash 64 was creating the blueprint, and putting up the framework.

Melee was actually making it into someplace you could live. Putting in walls, rooms, getting the plumbing and electricity working, etc.

Brawl was refining the place and making it nice. Painting the walls, putting in furniture, adding nice touches here and there, until the house is complete.

Part one is just setup for part two. Part three is just building on part two.

Knowing Sakurai, part four will involve demolishing the house and turning it into a space submarine or something.


Comment by: diedan
Nominated by: Slatz_Grobnik

@TTCFCL Dude! You found #speakup. Congratulations. This is where all your dreams come true, where all of your wildest wishes can be fulfilled.

You ever wanted to ride a unicorn bareback through the Aether? You can do that here! You ever wanted to drink from the Fountain of Youth AND travel back in time to hang out with Shakespeare? Again, you can do that here!

Er...it's where you can pretty much talk about whatever you want as long as it doesn't violate any rules of conduct.

Search box is up and to the right BTW.



Catherine's Sexy Box Art Is Not For The Sheepish
Comment by: Sloopydrew
Nominated by: sandorasbox


"What does a tiny man with ram horns stuck in a woman's cleavage suggest to you?"

Someone's doing better drugs than me.

NASA Discovers Alien Life In California
Comment by: TRT-X
Nominated by: p4w4rr10r

In response to this news, the California legislature announced that the new alien life would in fact be granted in-state tuition discounts at all Calfornia colleges and universities.

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