Who Wants Eight Inches Of Hot Vinyl Meat?

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Do you prefer your meat pristine and untouched or vigorously beaten? Symbiote Studios has you covered either way with a pair of limited edition Super Meat Boy vinyl figures, just in time to preorder for the holidays.

Symbiote Studios, the creators behind the silly anime-styled Jessica Chobot figures, has teamed up with Team Meat to forever immortalize Super Meat Boy in vinyl. Meat Boy's charm shines through, whether you prefer the normal figure or the one painted to look like it's been mugged.


Both figures stand eight inches tall and will set you back $39.95. I hope you like your meat rare; both versions are limited to 250 pieces.

Hit up the link to preorder one for yourself or someone you love. The figures aren't shipping until April, but the promise of a big slab of fake meat is almost as sweet as the real thing.

Super Meat Boy Vinyl Toys [Symbiote Studios via Tomopop]

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(Slightly) Off topic:

I still keep requesting official (or super-well made) Minecraft creeper plushes.