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We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Witcher Uncensored For North America
Comment by: Instant_Awesome
Nominated by: Curse_Lily

Remember when nudity was nonexistent in mainstream movies? Well, that changed, and so will games, eventually. One day, games will be able to have full artistic expression without being labeled as smut that's harming our children. We're not there yet, but it will come.

Now, I'm not saying artistic expression = boobies. However, being able to include adult situations (and even nudity) when appropriate is really telling of the level of freedom that's accepted.

I look forward to the day that some shmuck on a "news" show tries to bash the next big game because it has adult situations, and everyone laughs it off just as quickly as we (as a gaming community) laugh off that kind of thing right now.

Happy Birthday ESRB!
Comment by: BigManMalone
Nominated by: Witzbold

As is the norm, most people here don't really get it, though I'm pleased to see that many do.

First, no, the ESRB does not "censor" games; it simply passes judgment on the existing content within a given game. On top of this it is completely up to the game makers themselves whether or not they want to submit to the ESRB. Sure, most places will not sell games that are not rated or have been rated too maturely, but anyone is free to do so at his discretion. The fact that many stores do not is their choice, and it is not the ESRB's responsibility to micromanage the video game market to correct for this perceived unfairness.

Second, maybe some of you should do a little research on what actual game developers think of the ESRB. I've heard some who are very pleased with the system and extol the ESRB as one of the least restrictive rating boards when compared to other countries. Ryan Payton, I believe, of Kojima Productions echoed this sentiment on one of the old KP Reports.

Lastly, even with my defense of the ESRB thus far, I have to point out that it should not exist. It was nudged into existence by the U.S. government, though as it stands it is self-regulating and free of bureaucratic tentacles. Had it lacked its governmental midwife, then it would have been a shining example of how free citizens can affect their society and the powerful, "greedy" corporations that inhabit it. To be honest, it still is; it just would have been a smoother and more accepted affair had the government allowed for people to wait for when they thought it was time for a free and voluntary video game ratings board.


Sega: Fixing Sonic Is Going To Take Time
Comment by: RufusEuryale
Nominated by: Lessthan_tom

It should say SEGA: Fixing Sonic is going to take AGES

Who Can Stop Dragon Quest IX In Japan?
Comment by: (Zombie) Goldwings
Nominated by: Curse_Lily


Tech Troop: Sir, the shield can't hold the amount sales for Dragon Quest.

Commander: Shit son bring it up to 100% and hold it together.

Tech Troop: It's not working! It's going to surpass 3 million sales and maybe even more!

Commander: Dammit! Send in Monster Hunter for the Wii and may God help us all.
*Hits "Release Monster Hunter" button*


Ubisoft Plans to Have Piracy Solution in Place This Year
Comment by: Shawnrw222
Nominated by: palmtoptiger

To be completely fair, seeing some of the download numbers on those DS games is pretty eye opening to the situation. I mean, yeah, some are just trying before they buy, but when 10,000+ are downloading a game, thats a pretty large dent to the profits.

However, I don't think anybody downloads the Imagine games, so bad excuse Ubi.

Kotaku Originals: I Said Turn Off That Machine Now!
Comment by: mintycrys is HOT for Bayonetta
Nominated by: Owen Good


When I was little, a friend and I played "Bad Dudes" outside. A really fat man who lived two doors down on the other side of the street was Karnov (unbeknownst to him), and when some grizzled old korean war veteran who lived on our street asked us what we doing, we told him we were going to save President Ronnie, he gave us two toy assault rifles to play with. My mother blew a gasket when she saw hiding in the holly bush (bad idea, I know) in front of the house with a fake assault rifle.

The veteran died several days later. I still have the toy gun, with the phrase "Ba" carved into the stock from when I tried to etch "Bad Dudes" into the toy gun with a pocketknife, but cut myself as I finished the 'a'.


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