This week Crecente ported some game classics to a more analog platform - the back yard. Reminds me of the time Mom kicked me and Fletch out of the house and we played Atari's "Adventure."

This was also in the middle of summer vacation and Mom was at the end of her rope. Fletch and I had already created a scandal by stealing scrap wood from Dr. Perry's lumber pile to make (and attempt to set fire to) the Phoenix from Battle of the Planets. Inside we were fighting over the Atari, so Mom unplugged it, stuffed it in a cabinet and threw us out in the yard.

I forget what the rules were, but since I was the younger brother, I didn't make them up. I think I was the cube and Fletch was the green dragon, and when he ate me (no, not that way) and refused to let me "reincarnate" I bitched about it so relentlessly, Mom got on the phone to Dad demanding country justice. "They're whining and moaning about dragons and Yorgle and some goddamn thing ..."

So remember, it all looks fun when Dick and Jane are wearing bags on their heads playing tag; but as soon as they start arguing about sprite collision IRL, you can kiss the ass of that idyllic summer goodbye.

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