At a fake beach today, Nintendo's vp of corporate affairs didn't want to tell me how many copies Nintendo hopes to sell of Wii Sports Resort. Nor shipped. Give me something for a post, Denise! She suggested this.

I had fished for news, but I wasn't going to get it from Nintendo of America's Denise Kaigler. Not today. Not at this Times Square, Manhattan promo event which was geared to generate the spectacle of kids and tourists walking into Nintendo's faked beach resort to play this weekend's Wii Sports sequel.

So, she said, how about we take our shoes off? And go into the wading pool that might or might not support our weight. And hope little kids don't follow our example and make a mess of things. And...?

Into the pool I waded with Kaigler. How was I going to get a Kotaku post out of this? She said she was still figuring it out.


So... she started splashing me. And I splashed her back. Photos were taken and a little girl squealed when I accidentally kicked some water her way.

My feet were wet. A PR guy kindly grabbed me my shoes.

And I thought doing forward rolls with a woman dressed as Lara Croft was the high point of my journalism career.


Dear Sony and Microsoft vice presidents of corporate affairs, please don't feel the need to one-up this. You don't want to see more of my feet.