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The Cliffster: Cliff Bleszinski? Huge Kojima Fan
Comment by: CliffyB
Nominated by: ashcraft

1. I don't work. I just do interviews and photoshoots all day while ego surfing. ;)

2. The bigger, blah blah thing has been retired for a month. Yeah, it got old. I got tired of hearing it come out of my own mouth.

3. I no longer want to be called The Cliffster. I want to be called Dude Huge.

Soul Calibur IV - So Who Is Algol Anyway?
Comment by:
Nominated by: Ben

Bad-ass or no, that is one stoopid haircut.
It's like dreadlocks and a mullet got drunk and had sex under a Soviet x-ray machine.


Jade's Next Game - I Am Alive
Comment by: Cogito
Nominated by: shaunomacx

@damienchowder: @Pete193:
@ everyone else on this thread that wants to "spooge" or "hit it."
Please, for the love of intelligent conversation everywhere, shut the fuck up.
It's embarassing to me that I even have to point this out, and it should be even more embarassing that it has to be pointed out to you, but your comments add nothing to the discussion, are sexist, and ignorant. It's wading through trash like this that prevents me from frequenting most sites, and Kotaku is one of the few that keeps goons like off of it's channel. Unfortunately, someone forget to lock your cages this morning, or something.
This article is about Jade Raymond the game developer. She is a woman, and some people think she is attractive. And that's all anyone should say about that. Frankly, I'm sick and tired of having to read shit like this when I want to actually be informed of something, or parse through someone's comments or opinions, be they insightful or witty.
I understand the conversational nature of this blog, I realize that many stories are posted with "suggestive" material, and I recognize an attempt at humor and playfulness. But this shit is crossing the line. What line? The one of grace, class, and decency.
Perhaps some of you haven't reached the real world yet, and realize that you must treat others with respect, but when you do I imagine you'll change your tune to something akin to mine...either that or remain forever compared to a 12-year old.
Every time we have a story even remotely suggestive we get the morons crawling out of the woodwork...be it racism, sexism, ignorance, antipathy, relgious persecution, anti-country propaganda (pick your nation, they all get hate equally), xenophobia or just plain indecency.
Think about what you write before you write it. Think long and hard. And for the love of god, if you're wrong and you know it, don't try to justify your position under some ignorant title like "everyone else is doing it!" or "freedom of speech!" or "this isn't even the worst thing that has happened on this blog!" or whatever else you may dredge out of the black hole you call a mind.
There is no call for this behavior in any social setting. Anyone calling themselves educated should know to avoid this kind of junk, and certainly how to deal with it. Usually the best way is to ignore it and let the trolls deal with themselves, but I've had enough of it. Why? Because this pollution you call comments is messing up my favorite site. I didn't come here to read what you think about Jade Raymond and why you want to date her. I came here for some humor and information and gossip about video games. If you want to talk shit, go to 4chan or gamefaqs.
I'm spologize to everyone that's been acting normal through this; you shouldn't be subjected to this comment as much as you shouldn't have to read thiers'. But something needs said, and something needs done.
I'll get off my soapbox now. Keep it clean and keep it civil, please, or don't bother.

Too Human Demo Coming To LIVE Next Week
Comment by: wild homes
Nominated by: EnigmaNemesis

Something about this demo reminds me of a certain conversation on Dagobah. I can just picture Dyack and Yoda.

'What about NeoGAF? Will it explode?'

'Hard to see. Always in motion, the future is.'

I've got to release this demo.'

'Decide you must, how to screw GAF best. If you release a demo now, destroy their illusions you could; but you would destroy all over which they have fought, and suffered.'


Check Out SoulCalibur IV's Darth Vader Stage In Action
Comment by: ShaggE
Nominated by: mind in rewind

God forbid a couple of people have fun playing a demo. Yeesh. What'd you expect?
"Why, I do believe I am partaking of some "SoulCalibur"..."
"Quite right, friend. Quite right."
"I tire of this. Fetch me my Penny-Farther, would you?"


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Unfortunately, the problem is that, it's hard to ignore them all, especially if you cannot choose what posts you can view and what posts you do not want to.

It's difficult to look through the comments sometimes for meaningful opinions in an ocean-full of unrelated and highly uncalled for comments. Especially since those kinds of comments has already been done to death a year or more earlier.

I mean, yeah, I'd understand it if Jade is making her first appearance, but she's been around for a while now; we don't need to be reminded of how someone wants to "bang her" every time her picture pops up in an article about what is going on around her.

But I find that since there's so much anonymity on the internet, it's less consequential than when doing things to someone in person.