Cliff Bleszinski? Huge Kojima Fan

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Remember Clifford Michael Bleszinski stated how "Metal Gear Solid is our example of the game we're not doing" and "Passive entertainment is on its way out" and something about Web 2.0? Sure ya do! The Cliffster is back with more opinions about Metal Gear Solid, but seemingly less disparaging ones. Cliff says:

I'm a huge fan of Kojima... The kind of scenes they do in MGS4 are phenomenal. I think it has the best sound and real-time [cut scenes] I've seen in the industry and since they're the best at what they do, players love it... It's the hallmark of the series - the camera angles and dramatic scenes and it's really taking film-making to this new digital level...


And it's a damn shame that passive entertainment is on the way out. Bleszinski also better clarifies what it seems he was trying to say about the Gears 2 team using MGS as the model of what they're not doing: "In the kind of games we do, the cut scenes are around three to four minutes on average. It just says what needs to be said and moves on to letting you actually play the game." There's certainly room for both types of games. Dude hugs for everyone!

CliffyB loves MGS4: Best cut scenes in the industry [CVG]


Brian Ashcraft