"Metal Gear Solid" Is What The Cliffster Is Not Doing. Dude.

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The Cliffster is making Gears of War 2, and the dude's totally hoping he can improve. Make a better game, you know. And in doing so, The 'ster has things he's looking at, things he wants to avoid. And one of those things is Metal Gear Solid. Says The Cliffster:

We wanted a blockbuster pace [in Gears of War 1], and in doing so, we lost the story a bit. So that's one of the lessons we learned. This time round there's more repetition. Games aren't movies and aren't consumed in a single sitting. So secondary characters will remind you about stuff, which is re-established in plot cues. Metal Gear Solid is our example of the game we're not doing. Passive entertainment is on its way out — you need to hook up with this web 2.0 stuff.

The ironic thing? Kojima Productions was influenced by Gears of War's controls for MGS4.

Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Hands-On [IGN via ripten]

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I think that in the context of his whole quote that he was talking about solely the passive aspects of games like MGS. No one can deny that the massively long cutscenes in MGS4 are nothing but passive entertainment. And no, the occasional L1 and X button cues don't really change that.

What Cliff is saying is that he's trying to have the story told through more interactive and fluid means - means other than simply delving into a fifteen minute cutscene. When he says "passive entertainment is on its way out", he simply means that he is expecting more games in the future to use more interactivity in their storytelling methods.

It's a pretty simple concept, people. Other than the fact that he invokes the controversial name of such a large franchise as MGS as an example, there's really nothing outlandish about what he's saying. Obviously, it's still to be seen what exactly he'll be doing in the game to support what he's saying here, but I think he has the right idea for the direction games should be going in terms of story telling.