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Soul Calibur IV - So Who Is Algol Anyway?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Let's shift the focus away from the Soul Calibur IV women for a moment to focus on the new big boss of the Soul Caliburse, Algol. Not to be confused with petite Angol, Algol is the king of an ultra ancient civilization, and the strongest character ever in the Soul Calibur series. This according to character designer Hideo Yoshie, who addressed Angol's design in a statement accompanying these new screens of the character today.


So how powerful is the bird-armored ancient ruler? His right hand glows red because he is holding the Soul Edge, and his left hand holds the Soul Calibur and a blue glow. He has 10 different weapons built into his body. In short, he's much more of a bad ass than a generic energy being who mimics the other character's styles could ever be. Hit the jump for the full description in somewhat broken English from Hideo Yoshie.


Answered By Hideo Yoshie, Character Designer

We aimed to make a character that is the "king" of an ultra ancient civilization and a character that obviously proves the setting of being the strongest character ever in SC series.

So, he's wearing a costume from the ancient kingdom that isn't recorded in history, and it was really difficult and troublesome to make the design of his costume as so just by looking at it.

The final motif of the amour ended up being the "bird," but there were many other ideas like the lion, cobra, dinosaur and more.

I believe the design combined dynamism and splendor, and is very cool.

His right hand glows red and his left hand glows blue because he holds the Soul Edge in his right and the Soul Calibur in his left.

Also he has 10 kinds of weapons built in his body and shows a variety of fights never seen before, including flying in the air and sitting in the throne.

I want people to have fun by his buzzard actions.

There was an idea for an additional option which he causes an off-site brawl with a pipe chair instead of the throne, but we were not able to put the idea in the game this time.

By the way, the Algol that shows up in the opening demo is Algol when he was still a human.. That's why his hair has a different color from within the game. There are some more detailed differences, so please go on and find more differences on him for fun through the game.