Too Human Demo Coming To LIVE Next Week

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As part of its "Bringing It Home" E3 campaign, Microsoft will finally let loose the public demo of Too Human via Xbox Live, reports IGN. Anticipation for the demo is likely at an all-time high, as Silicon Knights' bossman Denis Dyack has been teasing a demo since August of '07. We expect a flurry of varying opinions upon its release.


The polarizing Xbox 360 hack and shoot adventure will join the festival of downloadable delights at some point next week, as Microsoft attempts to distract you from coverage of its competitors by offering up free trailers, demos, news from the E3 show floor and other shiny objects. Look forward to it, won't you?


Pre-E3 2008: Too Human Demo Finally Coming [IGN]

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I guess we'll finally see what Silicon Knights has been keeping up their sleeves for 9 years. "PlayStation? Psh. You only think we'll make this game on this system. We're thinking of the XBox360. What is that? Oh, well, it's this system that will be released in 2005. Actually, they will have a predecessor before the 360. But that's the system we're thinking of releasing Too Human on."

Oh, sorry. That was Silicon Knights talking to me the back in 1999. I just forgot to mention it.