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LittleBigPlanet Killzone
Comment by: TitillatedOcelot
Nominated by: Mint

What's the point of this game? I don't get it...

totally joking, I can't WAIT for this title. I doubt I'll be able to peel my fiancee away from it once it's out. She squeals whenever she sees footage for this game. Why I can't get her to squeal like that saddens me.

LittleBigPlanet Killzone
Comment by: mrantimatter
Nominated by: liquid_kore

have you considered dressing up in a burlap sack and putting stickers all over the bedroom? Might work.


Wait, I'm a Zombie
Comment by: tsathoggua
Nominated by: Slatz_Grobnik

This "zombie mod" is grossly offensive to the zombie community. The
Association of Metabolically-Challenged Persons Against Harmful
Stereotypes, the international lobbying group for zombies, has just
released a press statement earlier this morning making clear that they
intend to sue Rockstar and Take-Two for perpetuating the stereotypes
that have haunted the zombie community for decades. And for not
including any zombie prostitutes.

Hyper Multi-Tap: A Week In Comments
Comment by: Cola82
Nominated by: 17-A

GTAIV doesn't make me feel like a man while playing... that could be because I'm a woman, and I like being a woman, and I'm not intimidated by assuming the identity of protagonists of the opposite sex.


Wii Fit To Little Girl: You're Fat
Comment by: battra92
Nominated by: Bashcraft

I think a lot of people are in denial of being fat, chubby, overweight, obese, whatever.

For me, I was told I was fat since I was in kindergarten. I was almost 12 lbs at birth and have had issues my entire life about my weight.

Part of my problem was that my parents and grandmother would tell me, "Oh you're a big guy so it's ok to eat two hamburgers." or in some cases really demand I finish my plate. Of course, once I realized they were fat it became clearer.

What really took me back was at the end of my last year at college I was 250 lbs! After that I decided I had to do something - ANYTHING!

First thing I did was cut out regular soda and switched to diet. I know people will complain that's not much better but when you were downing the equivalent of 5-6 Pepsis a day, the switch to 3 diet Pepsis is worlds better. I also gave up on going to fast food places on a regular basis and when I do, I get a kids meal.

I really never gave anything up, I just made food less important for me. 1 year later my scale tells me I'm below 230 and with my height that makes me now overweight again (instead of obese)

Wii Fit probably will tell me I'm fat but oh well. I don't really care. I know I'm losing slow and steady so it will be nice to track that. Now if I just can convince my work to pay for it if they can be made to believe it's exercise equipment.


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