A Video Compendium of Sheva in Tribal Costume

Click to viewWell, this didn't take long. Resident Evil 5 dropped, what, on Friday? And already someone's culled together two solid minutes of Sheva cavorting in her tribal costume. Warning - spoilers begin at 0:52.

If there's a defensible purpose for this post, it's that it shows some gameplay footage that's pretty rare at the moment. And Sheva in a skimpy animal print bikini. With a gun.

Sheva's Tribal Costume Compilation [GameTrailers. Thanks "jkaccnt"]

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The new Resident Evil 5 DLC is a slap in the face of gamers. If you call yourself a gamer and enjoy playing videogames for enjoyment, or even if you are a huge Resident Evil 5 fan, DO NOT buy and download the Resident Evil 5 DLC.


This is the Capcom version of horse armor.

Frankly the Resident Evil 5 DLC is poor. I can't see why any developer who actually took pride in their work would release a vs mode that is limited and make you pay for it, if it had been released for free atleast we wouldn't feel stupid if we hated it, which we would have.

Just so you know I don't have any problem getting the money together to pay for it as I've got a job. I'm protesting because it's not even worth spending money on it.

You only need to look at top companies like Bethesda, Valve and Rockstar to see companies who know how to make DLC and make it feel worth paying for. (except for the horse armor incident)

If you pay for this new DLC and when you have exhausted the amount of enjoyment from it after a minute, just know that you have negatively effected the games industry and the games you have enjoyed playing so much could be subject to pitiful DLC like this in future, oh and you will have to pay for the pleasure of it as well.

The problem is things like this start a trend. It's no exaggeration that developers will try to get away with it if they can, maybe they will omit part of a game to save it for DLC or release everything in sections to boost sales as much as possible. Don't doubt they will try it.

So if you love to play games,don't ruin them for yourself.