A Handy List Of Nintendo's Big E3 Event Moments

47 minutes in length and packed with games, Nintendo's special E3 direct was intense, to say the least. And then there were all the announcements that came after.


As we did for the four other big E3 events, let's take a look, in (a mostly) chronological order, at all the new stuff we've seen from Nintendo yesterday and earlier this morning.

That's it for the big E3 briefings, but more news is guaranteed to pop up over the week. Stay tuned.

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EDIT: this is not exactly a rant, just a broad questionning. I also don't have 100% of the facts because I don't follow Nintendo as closely, but I do follow the industry since I work in it.

I still don't understand these Nintendo Direct... ok no in fact I understand them, but what I don't get is why Nintendo doesn't market itself more to a broader audience.
So they do their online conf. Very nice. Who watches it? Mainly fans. They know you guys are already bought up and ready to jump in. They need to go much broader than this if they want to succeed in the long run. Their fanbase alone won't sustain them forever unless it grows...

When I look around, I see MS and Sony selling themselves to a large audience, kids included, and games like CoD or games that touch more "mature" subjects (don't obviously deliver in any manner of mature though) also marketed for that large audience that includes kids and their parents.

Why the F isn't Nintendo more marketed towards children or parents?! Why do we tend to see children asking for a PS3/4 or an Xbox instead of a WiiU? Why is it that it looks like mostly adults in the range of 25-30 years old are the main public for the WiiU while 12 year olds are gaming away on GTAV, shooting people in the face?

I mean I don't blame that. I grew up on Quake and Unreal and never was a Nintendo guy. But I did play the gamecube with friends at their place and it was nice, the kind of stuff you want your kid to do imo. So why isn't Nintendo trying to get in on that market more agressively instead of selling product to a fanbase which will by definition buy it anyway.

Any Nintendoan out there to light this lantern? :P