A Closer Look at 2K10's Draft Combine

The teaser that went out earlier this week really didn't do justice to the depth of NBA 2K10's Draft Combine, which releases next week as both a game to itself and preview for the full title.


In this, you'll be picking more than jump-shot animations, cornrow patterns and your college alma mater. Your player will have to be built along some well-known templates - distributor, wing threat, post menace, etc. - and from there certain attributes will be made available to you. Then you turn him loose in the combine, which will feature full games as well as skill tests, the goal being get drafted as high as you can.

Or is it? Then you could end up with the Bucks. Or the Clippers. And I don't think people are beating down the doors here to get ultra-realistic, 17-games under .500 in February, who-gives-a-crap season progression.

Draft Combine ain't free, but it's no demo, from the looks of this, anyway. Aug. 26 for Xbox Live, Sept. 3 for PSN.

Draft Combine Trailer [GameTrailers]

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