A Boy And His Blob Return To Wii

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Not only does the latest issue of Nintendo Power have the scoop on Excitebots, it also features the return of the game that sold a million jelly beans, A Boy and his Blob.


The classic NES adventure game A Boy and his Blob is being "reinvented" for the Nintendo Wii. So says the April issue of Nintendo Power, indicating that Pitfall creator David Crane's jelly-bean eating hero Blobert and his pal, the boy, will soon be making their triumphant return.

Remember A Boy and His Blob in NES? Then you're old! But this reinvention of the property on Wii is simply stunning.

How stunning is it? We'll have to check back on March 5th for that particular information, as right now Nintendo Power is teasing us with a blurry image of the article. That, or wait for the April issue to go on sale March 17th.

Nintendo Power - April Issue [Nintendo Power]



Isn't this the game that involves feeding a slimeball/blob jellybeans to give said goop new powers? Sounds cool if it is.