First Screens, Details On Nintendo's ExciteBots

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Nintendo's announcement of the existence of Excitebots: Trick Racing—the sequel to Wii launch title Excite Truck—was annoyingly short on details. Consider us detail-free no more, thanks to the latest issue of Nintendo Power.


Excitebots: Trick Racing gets properly previewed in the mag's April issue, a portion of which is now available online. Don't worry, these scans are kosher, coming direct from Nintendo Power itself.

Perhaps most exciting about the Excitebots blowout is our first look at the game's visuals. Yes, you'll be piloting robot frog cars.

The Excitebots vehicle lineup includes an unusually appealing set of four-wheeled animals and insects, including bats, ladybugs, praying mantises, beetles and turtles. This thing has merchandising opportunity slathered all over it. Each is said to have its own weight and handling properties, with power-ups letting your Excitebot turn off its wheels, then run on two legs.

Controls look to be identical to the original Excite Truck, with many of the gameplay mechanics that worked in the original Wii game (ie. land deformation) returning for the more outlandish sequel.

Excitebots: Trick Racing looks like it will add some interesting power ups, including ... tambourines? Yep, tambourines.

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this totally looks like something from back in the day, and being that im a big fan of "back in the day.." then color me pleased.

ive never played excite truck for more than 2 seconds, but quite a few kotakuites are singing its praises, so i guess i should go back and get on it. but i have played stunt race fx, and that game was dope. this really does look like stunt race 2 which would have been cool.. either way.. if its fun, then im excited. i love me some goofy racing games.