Welcome to the Best of Kotaku, as seen this week. First up is the image above, which is an awesome rendition of Max Payne himself, mid shoot-leaping. I swear, he's gonna shoot his foot off one of those Bullet Times. Image is by deviantART user PatrickBrown.

Moving on to our Best Of content this week, we kick things off as usual with a comment from the community.

As of this week we will be using a new Comment of the Week nomination system, where you use a hashtag ("#cotw") for your nominations.

Want to suggest an article, comment, tweet, or any other content on Kotaku to be featured for a weekly Best Of nomination? Drop me a line at tina@kotaku.com with the subject line of "Best Of Nomination." Or any other subject line that will help me sort through and search for them. I'm not too picky.

The Best Comment From The Community

This week's best comment is a response to the idea that straight, white, males play life on easy mode. It's a long one, so here's a clip from reader DocSeuss Needs A Good Day:

I fight for everything I get. I watch others just coast by, getting jobs or financial aid or promotions or not being yelled at or getting lucky breaks whatever just because... well, they're not white. Somehow, their life is harder.

I'm the white guy, so life's good! No obstacles here! It's all smooth sailing.

Yeah, right. Where's my lucky break? Where's all this money I'm supposed to have for being a white guy? When do people act nicer to me just because of the color of my skin? How am I going to be able to afford a house, much less a decent school? When do things go right for me?

They fucking don't. I can't even remember the last good day I had.

You stupid fucks. Learn to see people based on who they are and the unique situations surrounding them. As soon as you start generalizing people based on the color of the skin, who they want to fuck, or just what is between their legs, you become a racist, sexist, and whateverelse cunt. Learn to be a good human. Treat the people you come across as individuals, not as members of some homogenized group with expectations. Humanity is beautiful, and it will surprise you.

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