Hello Kotaku. Happy Friday. Do you have good weekend plans? I was going to go to a concert, but now I have to cancel to play Dragon's Dogma all weekend for review. Because of you. I blame you.

Last week, Stephen asked you all to weigh in on what we're doing over here at Kotaku. A few of you had some good points (especially the part about where you liked Watch This, Play This—ahem, ahem), and so today I'm ruling in a new policy for Comment of the Week.

To make it easier on you all to remember your favorite comments, reply to a comment you liked with a "#cotw" hashtag. I'll sift through those for the week in question and pick a comment (or two, or more depending on how fervent you are) based on popular choice (and a bit of my judgment). The winners will be revealed on my weekly Best of Kotaku post, that goes up every Saturday.


With that, let's get on with our last nomination post. Please post your favorite comment down below with a link for viewing, and get on with the voting! May the best commenter win.