Hey, Look at These Max Payne 3 Postcards

Max Payne 3 throws a lot of highly stylized violence at you and almost all of it is beautiful to look at. But you've got to keep moving through Rockstar's latest release in to order to get Max the answers he desperately craves, which means you can't necessarily enjoy the ambiance as much as you'd like.

Fear not! These postcard GIFs—courtesy of Kotaku's own Chris Person—let you take a little piece of Max's angry American tourism with you wherever you go. Collect ‘em, share ‘em, use ‘em as motivation to get through the day. However you use them, just know that Max is just like you… only balder, deadlier and more addicted to drugs and drink.


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Hey, guys, Max Payne 3 is a piece of utter shit. Want my raw notes?

Here are my motherfucking notes.