Oh My Glob! It’s Diablo III Adventure Time!

Evan's Note: It's been too long since we've shown off Zac Gorman's awesome motion cartoons, but he's back with a great riff on Diablo III.

Millions of people have waited more than a decade for the game that's out for PC and Mac today. Blizzard's long-awaited action/RPG will take you on a grand quest, kind of like the kind that Finn, Jake and crew go on in Pendelton Ward's hilarious Adventure Time cartoons. So, if you ever wanted to see Sanctuary's heroes done up in squiggly cartoon style, feast your eyes. You can read all of our Diablo III coverage here.

Want to see more of Zac's work? Head over to his personal blog and game-themed site Magical Game Time. If you're feeling commercial, you can buy prints and shirts here. He'll be back on Kotaku with a new comic same time next month!


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Go away Zach Gorman, we don't need your tumblr nostalgia manipulation. Get your own ideas man.