I Got A Fever | An awesome piece of fan-art suggesting that even in Mass Effect 3's distant future, humans haven't forgotten about The Cult. (Image by Holly Chan via Reddit.)

What's The Future of Assassin's Creed Have to Do With Snow?

The Assassin's Creed Facebook page shifted over to the "timeline" display today, choosing that mysterious snowy image for its panorama.
On cue, Ubisoft's page managers followed up with a comment that "a major announcement from Assassin's Creed is only days away," yet also advising folks to check More »

Leaked Pics Appear to Show a Sprawling, Gorgeous SimCity 5

A set of seven leaked images assumed to be concept art for SimCity 5 have surfaced today, along with rumors indicating that the game is 30% of the way through development, and will be released in 2013.


Users at NeoGAF have posted the images as well as a translation from a print edition of German... More »

This Is What A Gamer's Sexual Harassment Looks Like

One competitive gamer's inflammatory comments in support of sexual harassment set off a firestorm of drama in the gaming world yesterday. This video makes things seem even worse.
In a recent interview, competitive gamer Aris Bakhtanians said "sexual harassment is part of [the] culture" in the... More »

Downton Abbey Meets Magic: The Gathering, and It Is Glorious

Okay, yes, fine. This post is at least partly an excuse for me to finally tag something "Downton Abbey" here at Kotaku. But in this case, the tag is warranted-over at Kill Screen, writer Sarah Elmaleh (who some of you may remember as the voice of Aeris in that column I wrote about silent... More »

Madden's Cover Madness Names Its First Sweet Sixteen Candidates

Back on Super Bowl weekend, I tried to pick the 64-man field-two players from each of the NFL's 32 teams-who would be vying in EA Sports' fan-voted playoff for the Madden NFL 13 cover. More »

Hacker Claims He Tricked Taco Bell Into Sending Him a PlayStation Vita

A hacker says he used a bot to scam Taco Bell into sending him a PlayStation Vita during the "Unlock the Box" contest.
Using an automated program to generate codes for Taco Bell's Vita contest-turned-debacle, a message board user named "Sinister" says he managed to win one of Sony's new handheld... More »

What Can Gigabyte's $500 3GB Radeon HD 7950 Do For Your Gaming Rig?

AMD ended 2011 on a high note, unleashing the market's fastest single-GPU card and beating its adversary to the next-generation graphics yet again.


The Radeon HD 7970 outpaced the GeForce GTX 580 by over 20% in our tests and that achievement is made even sweeter by the fact that Nvidia's response... More »

PlayStation 4 Ditching The Cell Processor, Sources Say, Which Leads to Some Wild Theories.

The PlayStation 4 will not use Sony's Cell processor nor any possible successor to the vaunted chipset that was introduced to the world through the PlayStation 3, gaming industry sources tell Kotaku.
What we're hearing from sources follow a Forbes rumor last week that chip-maker AMD would make the... More »

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