Okay, yes, fine. This post is at least partly an excuse for me to finally tag something "Downton Abbey" here at Kotaku. But in this case, the tag is warranted—over at Kill Screen, writer Sarah Elmaleh (who some of you may remember as the voice of Aeris in that column I wrote about silent protagonists) and illustrator Daniel Purvis have put together a series of fake playing cards depicting a Magic: The Gathering-like Downton Abbey card game.


I don't even know where to begin with how much I love these. Highlights include the "Fingers in All Pies/Mrs. Crawley" card ("Entirely friendly party slowed"), Mr. Bates' special ability for self-sacrifice, and Mr. Carson's hilariously organized and specific special abilities. And, of course, "Virgin Lust."

I'm guessing I'm not alone when I say that I would both buy and play the crap out of a real Downton Abbey card game. Though I do wonder if the second series of cards would be kind of a letdown when compared to the first.

We Made Downton Abbey: The Gathering So You Didn't Have To [Kill Screen]

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