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This Is What A Gamer's Sexual Harassment Looks Like

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One competitive gamer's inflammatory comments in support of sexual harassment set off a firestorm of drama in the gaming world yesterday. This video makes things seem even worse.

In a recent interview, competitive gamer Aris Bakhtanians said "sexual harassment is part of [the] culture" in the fighting game community, where players compete in titles like Street Fighter and Tekken for fortune and fame.


This footage, shot on February 23 and brought to our attention today by an anonymous tipster, shows Bakhtanians shooting some lewd remarks at fellow gamer Miranda "Super_Yan" Pakozdi. He takes control of the camera and spends a whole lot of time focusing it on Pakozdi, who appears to be the only woman in the room. He focuses on her butt and breasts, shooing people away when they block his view. He also makes some comments about her feet and thighs that may seem out of line to, well, anybody.


Later in the video, Bakhtanians moves over to Pakozdi and starts talking to her while she plays the game. She is visibly uncomfortable. After a minute or so, she says she has to go to the bathroom.

Creepy stuff.

Bakhtanians has issued a statement via Twitter in response to the uproar generated by his comments.