Force It | TAIPEI, TAIWAN: This photo cuts quite the tableau. What's with that glum Gus in the background? (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

The Video Game Humans of the Future Should Look This Awesome

A new console generation is almost upon us, not to mention a new era in PC gaming fidelity. We know better graphics are coming, but just what do those better graphics actually look like?
They'll probably look a lot like this.
This technology is called Separable Subsurface Scattering. More »

Who Needs Kissing Cosplay Ladies, When There Are Video Games

And those who don't have video games, they have cell phones, soft drinks, and cat masks. Talk about being totally set.
Just like this music game playing Pikachu guy. More »

Darth Vader Invades South Osaka (Noooooooooo!)

When I first moved to Osaka, I lived near Shinsekai-a rough part of town in the south. My apartment was clean and spacious, but the area was populated with drunks, prostitutes, and gangsters. More »

Game Characters Embarrassing Themselves on Facebook

Mario is a boozehound. Luigi loves photo bombs. Peach is vain. Some of gaming's greatest characters get classic (and clever) Facebook pic parodies.
It's not just Nintendo characters getting in on the act. More »

Virtual Idol's Snow Sculpture Injured Elderly Lady for Real

Every winter, the Sapporo Snow Festival amazes visitors with snow sculptures. This year, a "Snow Miku" of virtual idol Hatsune Miku was erected. Today, it was destroyed after injuring a senior citizen. More »

Hello Kitty and...Hooters?

When you think "Hooters", you might think of orange hot pants, buffalo wings, or, if you are a Philadelphia Phillies fan, retired catcher Darren Daulton (who married a Hooters icon). More »

This is What Minecraft Looked Like on its Very First Day

While Minecraft was only officially released a few months back, it's been available and playable for years. The thing is, most people who ever played the game played it later, after a ton of additions and improvements had been made.
Few ever got to see the game like this. More »

Yup, Looks Like There's Another Medal of Honor Coming

Not that anyone who finished the first game (or bought Battlefield 3, or is just paying attention) will be surprised by this, but an invite for a press event just turned up in our inbox looking like this.
Meaning we're 99% sure to be getting a first look at a new Medal of Honor game in March. More »

Strike Down Star Wars: Battlefront III and it Becomes More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

How many times have we been excited then let down by rumours and cancellations of a third game in the Star Wars: Battlefront series?
Let's see. First we hear it was in development at Free Radical. More »

Did Three Japanese Guys in Afro Wigs Just Accidentally Cover the Super Mario Land Theme?

Game music can show up in the most random places. Rarely, however, does it involve rock bands in bad wigs.
Japanese rock trio Tsuru recently donned afros and composed the theme to the upcoming live-action adaptation of the the manga Afro Tanaka, a bizarre romantic comedy about a 24 year old... More »

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