How many times have we been excited then let down by rumours and cancellations of a third game in the Star Wars: Battlefront series?

Let's see. First we hear it was in development at Free Radical. Then it was shipped off to Rebellion. Then it was handed over to Slant Six Games. Then we heard it had been binned.


Then we got on with our lives.

Now, it seems as though the game might be back from the dead. Some job listings, tweets and resumes indicate that the cursed project might be on the books of Spark Unlimited, whose last major shooter was...Turning Point. Hrm.

The various scraps mention a sequel to a well-known sci-fi property that involves both shooting and sword-fighting. Which sounds a lot like Star Wars, though while everyone seems intent on willing that to mean it's a Battlefront game, those things could just as easily apply to a new Jedi Knight title.

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