Did Three Japanese Guys in Afro Wigs Just Accidentally Cover the Super Mario Land Theme?

Game music can show up in the most random places. Rarely, however, does it involve rock bands in bad wigs.


Japanese rock trio Tsuru recently donned afros and composed the theme to the upcoming live-action adaptation of the the manga Afro Tanaka, a bizarre romantic comedy about a 24 year old dropout sporting an intense afro while trying to get the girl of his dreams. The theme, ‘Yoru wo Koete', bears a striking resemblance to Hip Tanaka's iconic theme to Super Mario Land for the Gameboy.

Is it an intentional homage or just a happy accident? The songs are so close, I'd be surprised if the band had never played the game. Our own Kirk Hamilton pointed out that the songs themselves have the same chords, melody and are even in the same key.

Don't believe us? Decide for yourself. Click the comparison video above.

鶴 - 夜を越えて [Warner Music Japan via Youtube]

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