Weed + Rap + Chrono Trigger

Many rappers rhyme about marijuana. But how many of them do it to the Chrono Trigger soundtrack?

Grass-roots (geddit?) rapper Wiz Khalifa, perhaps best known for his "Say Yeah" single, has released a mixtape dubbed Kush and Orange Juice for free online. That was nice of him. And this song is, as one commenter points out, dope?

The mixtape's weed-heavy tune "Never Been" features a sample of Chrono Trigger song "Schala's Theme".

The Chrono Trigger soundtrack was primarily composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. The role-playing game was originally released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Say no to drugs, kids. Yes to Chrono Trigger music!


[Thanks Jarren for the tip!] [Pic]

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