Hello Kitty and...Hooters?

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When you think "Hooters", you might think of orange hot pants, buffalo wings, or, if you are a Philadelphia Phillies fan, retired catcher Darren Daulton (who married a Hooters icon). The one thing you do not think of is Hello Kitty—until now.


The famous illustrated cat is doing a cross promotion with Hooters Japan. The first 1,000 customers who show up at the restaurant and order parfait get Hello Kitty Hooters pins.

Why stop at an infamous "massage wand" or a dentist office when there's Hooters?


Much of Sanrio's strategy with Hello Kitty is getting the character on so many different products and involved in so many different promotions. Unlike, Nintendo and Mario, Sanrio does not simply rely on products it creates to fuel popularity. Rather, it makes the cat character ubiquitous, resulting in some odd collaborations.

期間限定!! HOOTERS バレンタイン スペシャル パフェ 販売 [Hooters via Alafista]

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Darrisbob1 - ☆彡


Look, I'm a fat guy and I enjoy food, but whatever the hell that girl is holding is making me sick.

That's way too much sugar.