Puck | Long exposure photos taken with friends. (Photo: Eric Deitz | SeeSpotRun)

Nintendo Network Announced; Digital Distribution of Games Envisioned

Hinted at in the boxshot of a 3DS game last week, the Nintendo Network was formally announced by the Japanese games maker today in a meeting with investors. More »

The Other Brothers Aren't Called Mario, But They Still Look Pretty Great

The Other Brothers is an upcoming game, aimed initially at the iPhone, that's "a pixelated family fun adventure" featuring stuff like "running, jumping, collecting, racing against the clock..."
All of which sounds familiar, but the developers - which include the talents of artist Bjorn Hurri, who... More »

Nintendo Is Releasing a "Totally New" 3DS Mario Sidescroller

In the last few months, Nintendo put out a couple of Mario games-namely, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. But Nintendo isn't finished. There's another Mario title on the horizon; More »

Watch Megaupload's Creator Embarrass Himself in a Hong Kong Arcade

Kim Dotcom, the imprisoned mastermind behind busted file-sharing site Megaupload, didn't just spend his millions on fast jets and yachts. He also liked to visit Hong Kong arcades and make an ass of himself.
Reader Des was kind enough to upload and send along these old videos of Dotcom on a trip to... More »

How the Wii U Could Change the Way You Shop. Forever.

The Nintendo Network is the Kyoto-based game maker's upcoming service that envisions digital game distribution and, most likely, downloadable content. More »

PixelJunk Venturing from PSN to Steam

Kyoto-based Q-Games revealed today that its PSN title PixelJunk Eden would be headed to Steam.
Priced at US$9.99, the Steam version will include the game's "Encore" DLC pack. More »

From Grand Theft Auto to Dancing Pudding

Everybody's got to start somewhere. For fashion blogger turned singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, it was the streets of chic Harajuku where she first made her biggest splash.
Like so many hipster Harajuku kids, her fashion was cutting edge-outrageous, even. More »

Three (Okay, Four) Ways Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Will Differ From Ghost Recon Online

The bulk of my time with Ubisoft's upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was spent with single-player, but near the end of the session, I had a chance to talk adversarial multiplayer with the game's developers. More »

Report: Student Used His DSi Camera for Underwear Photos. Dick Pics, Too.

In 2004, when Nintendo originally launched the Nintendo DS with its PictoChat feature, it wasn't uncommon for people to doodle dicks. Then Nintendo put a camera on the DSi, and the inevitable happened: More »

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