In 2004, when Nintendo originally launched the Nintendo DS with its PictoChat feature, it wasn't uncommon for people to doodle dicks. Then Nintendo put a camera on the DSi, and the inevitable happened: penis photos.

According to Japanese site ZakZak, which is running a story from Spa!, a tabloid, about teachers' stories "unbelievable things" Japanese students have done, one student used his DSi camera for purposes Nintendo did not intend.


"I discovered a young man using the DS camera to peep on girls at school," said a 43-year-old male teacher. The teacher apparently confiscated the male student's DS (the original quote said "DS" and not "DSi"). "Saved on the DS, there were upskirt photos as well as photos of the student's own penis. The entire staff was sickened by what we found."

Japanese tabloids are known for their wild yarns—some of which are true and some of which are not. If true, somebody was glad for once that the Nintendo DSi camera is a measly 0.3 megapixels.


女子生徒が授業中に"陰毛"抜き!なんで~? [ZakZak]