Nintendo 3DS Games Getting Paid DLC. Here's the First Title.

For years now, additional downloadable content has been a staple. Nintendo, unlike rivals Microsoft and Sony, has not embraced downloadable content. Until now.

According to Japan's Nikkei, Nintendo will be begin offering paid DLC for the Nintendo 3DS next March. Available through Nintendo's online services via credit card or prepaid card, the first DLC will be additional game content for upcoming 3DS title Fire Emblem. Nikkei reported that pricing for each download should apparently be a "several hundred yen".


The Wii U will also offer paid DLC.

Don't expect Nintendo to pull a page from the social gaming playbook as the company said it won't be charging players money to make it easier to progress through the game with special or needed items. That being said, just imagine what the next Pokémon game is going to be like.

Fire Emblem 3DS is the latest entry in the popular Fire Emblem series of role-playing games. Still undated with a specific release date, it is slated for a spring release in Japan. March, perhaps?

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