Portable | LOS ANGELES: A "Pret a PSP" fashion show marked the console's 2005 launch. (Photo: Chris Pizzello | AP)

More Triangles in Games! Love-Triangles, That Is

I was disappointed with Uncharted 3 for a number of reasons. Certainly one of those reasons was that the game had bizarre difficulty spikes and could be kind of a dick sometimes. More »

Pretend Toilets in Video Games

Having another crack at Heavy Rain. I'll give it this much, it's certainly unlike anything else I've ever played but to be honest, once the novelty of being able to make this dude take a piss in pretty much every scene he's in wears off the frustration of not being able to make him CALL THE POLICE... More »

Thank this Japanese Porn Star for Edgy Cosplay

The lines between Japanese cosplay and adult videos are becoming increasingly blurred. Porno actresses are doing cosplay. Cosplayers are doing blue movies. More »

Microsoft is Not Doing Enough to Help Xbox Live "Hack" Victims

So there's been some kind of security problem with Xbox Live accounts for a while now. Microsoft denies there's been any compromise of its own data, yet still, for months now users have complained of having their accounts hijacked by people making unauthorised transaction.
A theory emerged last... More »

This Creepy Chinese Gundam Copy Will Blow Your Mind

 Holy crap! China reworked Gundam Seed, and a bunch of other things, into this mind melting cartoon extravaganza.
This brings back memories of the Chinese Gundam!
Dubbed Xu You Ji, it is populated with creepy Uncanny Valley children in Evangelion style plugsuits and creatures from Monsters vs. More »

It's Like Skyrim's Guardian Stones for Real

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Guardian Stones give players special abilities. One stone can be activated at a time, and if you've played the game, you will be familiar with them. More »

Man Gets in Kid's Face over the PlayStation Portable. Police Alerted.

On Jan. 12 in Osaka, a grade schooler and a friend were playing video games outside. It was 5:30 and getting dark when a middle-aged male approached. Man, he seemed pissed.
"Why you own a PSP?" he said to the grade schooler, grabbing the child by both shoulders. More »

Game Art From Star Wars, Command & Conquer, Call of Duty & More

Thomas A. Szakolczay is a video game concept artist. With twelve years experience across some of the biggest franchises in the business, if you can't tell me you've played a game he's worked on, you're probably lying.
He's been employed by the likes of Activision, Capcom, Epic, EA, Infinity Ward,... More »

This Half-Life Mod is About Being Stuck in an Elevator. It is Incredible.

If you've got Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod you should really go and download this free mod called Elevator: Source. It's about being stuck in an elevator with strangers. More »

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