Holy crap! China reworked Gundam Seed, and a bunch of other things, into this mind melting cartoon extravaganza.


This brings back memories of the Chinese Gundam!


Dubbed Xu You Ji, it is populated with creepy Uncanny Valley children in Evangelion style plugsuits and creatures from Monsters vs. Aliens. The cartoon even has music from anime Code Geass.

Copyright right violations and unnervingly animation aside, I would totally watch this.

Be sure to soak up the entire six-minute clip. Your brain will never be the same.

Update: As a Kotaku reader pointed out, XuYouJi isn't a cartoon, but a digital photography studio that takes 3D images of children's heads and then inserts them into CG cartoons. That, however, doesn't skirt around any inevitable corpyright issues, if this company isn't already paying for licensing.


The Chinese Gundam Seed XuYouJi 虚游记 [YouTube]

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