The Rose Bowl's Kinect float | As seen in Pasadena, California on Jan. 2 (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

The 2012 Year in Games... a Preview That Has My Jaw on the Floor

Finish playing the best games of 2011. Then tape this to your refrigerator. This is a preview, of some of the biggest and/or most interesting games coming out in 2012 (with a heavy bias toward big-company consoles and handheld releases, since that's what gets announced earliest)... More »

Could This Country Muck Up Diablo III's Worldwide Release?

In South Korea, the games of American developer Blizzard are huge. StarCraft is a national pastime, and the upcoming Diablo III is eagerly awaited.
However, the country's governmental Game Rating Board could rain on Diablo III's launch. More »

Mass Effect's Newest Cast Member Kicks Off New Dark Horse Comics Series

Thanks to previous mini-series, Mass Effect fans have been able to learn more about characters like The Illusive Man and Aria T'Loak. Now the fauxhawked soldier who'll be running alongside your Commander Shepard gets the spotlight in the first issue of the new Mass Effect: More »

What's Wrong With Exploiting Design Flaws in Online Games?

With players dancing their way out of trouble in BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic, commenter Raso719 wonders what's the big deal about taking advantage of sloppy programming to gain an advantage in today's Speak Up on Kotaku. More »

Temple Run Hauls Ass like a Modern-Day Pitfall

When you think back to Pitfall, the lead character in the classic Activision game didn't seem like he was in that much of a hurry. Granted, the Atari 2600 didn't create speedy animations but it seemed like Pitfall Harry was straight-up leisurely. More »

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