Old Republic Lets You Dance Your Way Out of Trouble

Want to see the best exploit of 2012 (so far?) Look no further than new MMO Star Wars: Old Republic, which literally lets you dance your way out of trouble.


If you're being attacked by anything, from the lowliest enemy to the grandest boss, all you need to do is start dancing - triggered by typing /getdown - and it'll interrupt their attacks, leaving you invulnerable.

Game-breaking. And hilarious.

Let The Wookiee Waltz – SWTOR's God-Cheat [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


Love much of the game, but it's a buggy mess in it's current state.

We're still dealing with the very same issue's we reported to Bioware 3-4 months ago and 3 clients earlier in beta.

The UI needs to be addressed asap, no re-size or unlock options, which is truly concerning for a triple A mmo in 2012. They don't seem too pressed to update it either.

Instead Bioware seem to have 2-3 scrubs in the basement pounding away on "top priority" fixes like adding DARTH titles to Inq's names and adding baby names to the credits in the latest patch.

Besides their server team all of Bioware appear to be on vacation.

Game breaking class story bugs, a grouping bug that locks you out of flashpoints, raid frame health bars not updating(oops sorry tank..)in groups/operations, no real LFG tool so general chat is spammed 24/7 with folks trying to put together groups. group members and guildies chat not functioning.

It's new so we wont speak of silly things like getting stuck in the ground, falling through the world, fps and memory leak issues, along with companions disappearing entirely.

Also, after getting Huttball in the PvP Q for the 1000th time, Huttball can go suck a dick.

Again, the game is fun, space combat is good fun, it has potential, but as stated Bioware was made aware of these issue's months ago and we still haven't seen much of anything being addressed yet.

Gotta love mmo's pushed out the door to make the Holidays.

btw, If you're not 30 or above you're not allowed to speak here.