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Here's Why Former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Was So Obsessed With A Pokémon Song

If one didn't know better, it would be easy to think one-time presidential candidate Herman Cain is a gamer. His tax plan seems to be ripped straight out of SimCity and his go-to inspiration quote comes from a Pokémon movie. More »

Minecraft's New Boss Puts Mod Improvements, In-Game Books at the Top of the To-Do List

Minecraft is done, but it's not really done. The new man in charge of the computer game sensation tells Kotaku that development will continue on the game even though the game is now out.
In fact, it sounds like development is ramping up.
"The current Minecraft plan is to add more people to the team... More »

Take A Gander at the Guns of Max Payne 3 in These New Screens

Other than the ability to absorb enough human misery to fell any three lesser men and not get addicted to all those painkillers he guzzles, Max Payne has no superpowers to speak of. More »

The 3DS is the Perfect Platform for the Return of Yoshi

With Nintendo visiting many of its classic franchises upon the 3DS, commenter Daemon_Gildas believes it's high time Mario's trusty mount companion got a little 3D lovin'. More »

It's Time for a War Game that Respects the Geneva Conventions

Despite its inherent brutality, war has rules. Laws of war have been around in one form or another since Biblical times. They govern the treatment of prisoners of war, the expediency of death on a battlefield. More »

Devs Explain How Animal Crossing 3DS Will Be the Best Animal Crossing Yet

Producer Katsuya Eguchi and a trio of developers from the Animal Crossing 3DS team spend ten minutes discussing how the latest iteration of the animal life sim will set itself apart from the rest. More »

Games for People Who Don't Have the Internet. Not Even Dial-Up

You may know a person who likes video games who doesn't have Internet. Don't pity them. Buy them a present. The very best gift for them might be the Internet itself, but aside from that, here's what you can get them.
Of course, if they don't have Internet because they are in prison, disregard all...
More »

Should You Buy Fortune Street? No.

If they've been making versions of the Nintendo Wii's new board game for 20 years, if Nintendo themselves are publishing it-choosing to sell this to us this holiday season instead of other Japanese games still awaiting translation-then surely it must be good and worth buying? More »

What Could Epic Games Be Teasing for the VGAs This Weekend?

All you Kremlinologists who like to parse secrets out of video clips are SOL on this one. The teasing's strictly of the verbal variety as Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bleszinski hints an all-new game during a promo for the upcoming Spike Video Game Awards. More »

An Adorable Musical Argument for Legend of Zelda Fan Procreation

Three children (with a baby cameo) take on the roles of Link, Zelda, and Ganon in what could be the most favorable outcome of Legend of Zelda fans in love, even if they got the musical credit wrong. More »

Explore the Dusty Pages of the Ultimate Tome of Diablo Lore

Hello my friends! Stay awhile and listen...err, watch as I explore Diablo III: Book of Cain, 147 pages of illustrations, excerpts, and firsthand accounts of the history of the world of Sanctuary, coming soon to a bookseller near you. More »

Here's a Naked, Fan-Made Saints Row The Third Edition of So You Think You Can Dance?

It's tough to top anything that's already in a game as aggressively juvenile and over-the-top as Saints Row the Third, a game that marketed itself with giant dildo weapons. More »

The Lady Who Saw a Wii at Grandpa's Hospital and Now Thinks She Wants One

As much as you're able to instantly recommend the best products to your fellow gamer, you might grope for advice when that older person, maybe a family member, suddenly expresses an interest in video games for the first time. More »

Is Televangelist Benny Hinn Skyrim's Dragonborn?

This is the power of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Non gamers watch this video and think they may be witnessing the powers of international televangelist Benny Hinn during one of his many faith healing summits.
Gamers watch this video and know what's really going on here: More »

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