Devs Explain How Animal Crossing 3DS Will Be the Best Animal Crossing Yet

Producer Katsuya Eguchi and a trio of developers from the Animal Crossing 3DS team spend ten minutes discussing how the latest iteration of the animal life sim will set itself apart from the rest. They had me at skirts and pants.


While I love me some Animal Crossing, the game hasn't changed very much since its Nintendo 64 / GameCube debut, so when a 3DS entry in the series was announced I didn't get too excited.

After watching this developer roundtable from the Nintendo Channel, however, I'm a bit more optimistic. More customization options, a larger play area, and new roles for both the player and that slave driver Tom Nook could make this new Animal Crossing game I've been waiting for.


As an extra special treat, the video ends with a live performance of one of the game's new songs by sound director Kozumi Totaka, so relaxing I nearly fell asleep listening to it. Yep, this is an Animal Crossing game alright.

[NC US] Animal Crossing (3DS) - Developer Roundtable [YouTube - Thanks, T.G.!]

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Reskinnable furniture? Niiiice.

Tom Nook reminds me of Mr. Rodgers in-game. (but don't tell me he actually left the nephews to run the store..)

And the reassurance of placing outdoor items is, well , reassuring.

I skipped out on the Wii version, because I felt like I wouldn't be able to fit playing it into my schedule. Anyways, as soon as I get a 3DS, I'm planning to have this from the get-go! :D

EDIT: And wait! What about Tortimer! Don't tell me he finally kicked the bucket! :(