The 3DS is the Perfect Platform for the Return of Yoshi

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With Nintendo visiting many of its classic franchises upon the 3DS, commenter Daemon_Gildas believes it's high time Mario's trusty mount companion got a little 3D lovin'. Hear him out in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.


I think it's about time Yoshi got some love on the 3DS. Maybe an open-world game, but maybe the "world" being more like Super Mario RPG or Donkey Kong Country, having varied environments taking place on a giant island.

And give us more, varied "Yoshis" to choose from. Classic Green Yoshi, Blue-asshole Boshi, and just offer some more variety and personality with the others. Don't just be recolors, give each one a slightly unique look and personality. And a Name. Yoshi is a character, goddammit, not a species!!!


Also, pull more inspiration from Super Mario Sunshine. That game was gorgeous, but also I think Yoshi (and friends) would work perfectly utilizing the same type of FLUDD water-shooting mechanic, just give them "Food" instead of Water. Hell, they could even use it to promote healthy foods; you know how Nintendo is.

And, for the LOVE of CHRIST, can we at least get a cameo appearance from Geno and/or Mallow?

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Oh man, I loved Yoshi's Island on DS! Was faaaaaantastic! :)

3D Yoshi hasn't been done besides Mario Galaxy 2, right?