360 | SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS: Eva Longoria autographed an Xbox 360 game console for charity during Eva Longoria's Celebrity Casino Night, presented by Xbox Live. (Photo: Darren Abate | AP)

The Beautiful, If Stabby Art of the Assassin's Creed Series

With Assassin's Creed Revelations out recently (and starring in its own Fine Art), I thought it'd be a good time to take a look back on some of the incredible art from the series we've yet to feature here on Kotaku.
The pieces you're about to see are the work of three men: More »

EA Smartens Up, Giving Away Free Copies of Battlefield 1943

Starting this weekend, EA will be handing out vouchers for free copies of Battlefield 1943 to those who bought Battlefield 3 on PS3. Just like they originally promised. More »

What Happens when You Spawn 50 Dragons in Skyrim?

In the PC version of role-playing game Skyrim, there is a string of code which will allow players to spawn dragons. The creatures, as previously mentioned, aren't exactly flying around in huge packs in the game. More »

It's Mario Kart 7, not Mario Kart 3DS, Because 7's a Lucky Number

Mario's debut on the 3DS was, appropriately, called Super Mario 3D Land. And never in the series 19-year history has the game had a numbered sequel (well, technically there's Mario Kart 64, but it was not the 64th game in the series.) So why is the franchise's 3DS version, due out in North America... More »

Google's Latest Doodle Draws You Into An Old-School Sci-Fi Adventure Game

The masters of information over at Google are commemorating American Thanksgiving with a quaint turkey doodle taking place of their usual rainbow font. More »

Ridge Racer Has Only Three Tracks? 30FPS? No Thanks!

I like Ridge Racer. It's a guilty pleasure. And I was actually thinking of getting the next game. That is, until I heard what madness Namco Bandai is pulling. More »

The Hour of World of Warcraft's Twilight Is Almost Upon Us

With patch 4.3 coming soon to a World of Warcraft near you, Blizzard tossed us some video showcasing the three new five-man dungeons and the grand finale of the Cataclysm saga, the Dragon Soul Deathwing raid. More »

What Nintendo's Game Creators Think of You

If you've ever played a Zelda game or a Mario game, you've played a game made by a bunch of people in Japan. Most likely, they were far away from you. More »

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