Unlimited Dragons In Skyrim? Sure, Why Not.

There are dragons in the land of Skyrim, sure, but not many. You don't exactly see them flying around in packs. Unless you use this awesome tweak on the PC version, that is.


Bring up the game's console (hit the tilde, or ` key) and paste the following:

player.placeatme 000FEA9B

That'll spawn one dragon, right on top of you. Paste it again you'll have two. Once more you'll have three. Then continue apace until your PC melts down from the trauma of having so many of the damn things flying around setting stuff on fire. There really is no limit, you can keep spamming them so long as your rig can take the strain.

A word of warning, though: like many other tweaks of this nature, there's the possibility that activating it will kill your ability to earn achievements. So be careful!

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Suggestions for good names for a group of dragons. Unless one exists of course.

You know like, A gaggle of Geese, a murder of crows, a brood/clutch of chickens.

So a _____ of Dragons.