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What Happens when You Spawn 50 Dragons in Skyrim?

In the PC version of role-playing game Skyrim, there is a string of code which will allow players to spawn dragons. The creatures, as previously mentioned, aren't exactly flying around in huge packs in the game.


But paste the code once, you'll get one dragon. Paste it twice, you'll get two. What if you paste it, oh I dunno, fifty times?


Kotaku reader Legend of Myth tried it out, seeing how many dragons his computer could handle on the Ultra settings before crashing.

"I stopped at 50 dragons because FRAPS started having issues keeping up the framerate while I was recording," Legend of Myth said. "I had to enable God Mode right away because they would have killed me within seconds."


In case you missed it, check out Kotaku's Skyrim review.


Skyrim Dragon Barrage! [YouTube]

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The most I've seen is two, but sort of immediately one after the other. But garther round...tis a strange tale. Was walking along, minding my own Dragonborne business when out of the sky dropped...and I mean 'dropped' a dead dragon! Landed right next to me!

'Whoo-hoo' I dragon soul! Of course, as I lapped up the dragony goodness, another one, very much alive and shouting, attacked me. As I tried to get my bearings, something odd happened again. It flew away. Left me on the road, alone, unloved, and confused.

I drank much mead that night...