Google’s Latest Doodle Draws You Into An Old-School Sci-Fi Adventure Game

The masters of information over at Google are commemorating American Thanksgiving with a quaint turkey doodle taking place of their usual rainbow font. It's what you'll see if you're logging in from the United States. But non-American web surfers are getting something much cooler.

Today's Google Doodle offers up a interactive adventure game inspired by the work of the late Stanislaw Lem, a writer/artist/director best known for Solaris, the 1961 science-fiction novel that was turned into separate films directed by Andrey Tarkovskiy and Steven Soderburgh. The game offers up a series of point-and-click puzzles that riff on the problem-solving antics of the robots in Lem's short story collection The Cyberiad.


With the popular Pac-Man Doodle from 2010 and this year's Les Paul playable guitar doodle celebrating the iconic guitarist, the Lem doodle's not the first interactive one the Mountain View company's done. But it does offer more depth than anything before. You might even get a Professor Layton vibe from it.

Stanislaw Lem Doodle [Google]

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